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Our Mission
Worship - Disciple - Serve

The mission of Covenant is to glorify God through worship, discipleship, and service. These essentials summarize the way we relate to God, ourselves, and others. We gather weekly on the Lord's Day to declare the delightfulness of God in song, prayer, and preaching.

Our worship strengthens us as disciples, drawing us closer to God. As we live for Him daily, our faith in Christ fills our lives with the fruits of the Spirit. Growing in grace and sanctification, we desire to live as faithful disciples, loving others in acts of service.

Our Beliefs
A Biblical Faith in the Reformed Tradition


grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone.


If you would like to read the Westminster Confession, the Larger Catechism or the Shorter Catechism they can be found here.

We hold to the historic Christian faith found in the Holy Scriptures. We also subscribe to the Westminster Standards as an excellent summary of the biblical teaching about God and His great work of redemption.  We are committed to Jesus as Lord and Savior, who saves by

Our History

Covenant was established in the early 1990s by a group who desired to see a church that adhered to a high view of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures.  This group believed this high view was articulated well in the reformed faith, and as result they worked to found a Presbyterian (PCA) church in southeastern Connecticut. The name "Covenant" was chosen to declare the special relationship God established with His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. Covenant is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America , a denomination that strives to be faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission. 



Since 1999, Covenant has been meeting in a historic building in Ledyard, Connecticut that formerly was the home of the Ledyard Grange. The building was constructed in 1922 by volunteers and moved to its present site in 1985 to make room for expansion of Rt 117 in Ledyard Center.


Pastor Rodney Henderson has served as pastor since May 2013.

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